Welcome to the demonstration server of EPS software engineering AG!

This is a sandbox environment and its sole purpose is to be tested with our apps by users like you.

All our apps are installed and ready to be used. But be aware that this server is getting reset every 24 hours so don't store any information you need in the future.

The Confluence plugins made by EPS Software engineering AG

EPS has developed various apps that can be very easily and successfully employed in the daily routine. All app requirements have arisen from in-house needs, and have significantly contributed towards the boost in efficiency and quality.

Click on the icon of the plugin you wish to explore.

Page Tree Creator (PTC)

Wasting time while trying to duplicate and recreate templates, blueprints and complex page trees, only to repeat the tedious process again?

PTC is at your service, with its effective time-saving features!

  • Create, delete, copy and move templates
  • No coding skills required
  • User collaboration features - history, recently edited, and notifications
  • Placeholder tags - usable in page titles, body content, macro parameters, labels, attachments, links and more
  • Default tags to create content with predefined replacements

Easy Dropdown Menu (EDM)

You manage a company and know the ins-and-outs. You know that employees like "work with less hassle", so why not help them to make the work process easier?

Give space administrators the right to define menus, give the users less typing work and free them from hassles. Give them an App that provides a made-to-fit Dropdown Menu:

  • Non Predefined Macro: Can be directly configured and renders a dropdown menu in view mode
  • Predefined Macro: Also renders a dropdown menu, but let's you configure a predefined set of options
  • Edit Mode Macro: Renders a fixed value in view mode but options can be selected when in edit mode
  • Status Macro: Replaces the basic Confluence lozenge/status macros and contains multiple configurable sets for colors, status, texts, styling and more
  • Global and Space* Configuration capabilities
  • Page Properties Report supported
  • Lock dropdown for future edits* which only administrators can unlock afterwards
  • History of dropdown menu set changes*
  • Dropdown menu set usage report

Easy Confluence Translator (ECT)

Struggling to collaborate, work and communicate in a multilingual team?

ECT is the solution with its quick, accurate and effective translation functionalities:

  • Set a list of preferred languages you wish to use globally for view and edit mode, including your default preferred language, in the admin configuration or in your profile settings
  • When using the app in edit mode, you can simply select the text you wish to translate, click on the "Translate" button and select which language to translate to (The languages visible in this dialog are the ones you specified in the admin or profile settings)
  • Integrated with Deepl and Google for accurate translation. Compatible with draw.io

  • Evaluate the app for free without the need to register an API account up front
  • A developer-authentication key for Deepl and Google is required to use this app; however, for evaluation, you can translate a certain amount for free

The quality management system (QMS) for Confluence:

With the help of the process landscape or the process house, entry is easy. Both for your process specialists and for your users. Thanks to the browser-based application with graphic links, operation is as easy as surfing the web. This turns your QMS / TQM into an internal burner and you will be amazed how your employees want to make their contribution. Skeptical? Check out our QMS framework here:


Service desk:

If you have any other questions or you are experiencing other issues with our plugins feel free to open a ticket in our Service desk

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